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2020-04-07: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down on 2020-07-01. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep before that date.

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Summary An integrated distribution to ease/accelerate Java/J2EE dev.
Categories design, construction, deployment
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) charlesoex

Message from the owner(s)

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition(TM) has firmly been established as a mainstream development platform for enterprise applications. This platform greatly simplifies enterprise applications. The open source development model has also proven its ability to create competitive and cost-effective solutions and highly scalable solutions. Many open source packages exist today to assist in the development of J2EE based application. This has brought about great benefits to the IT industry. However, as the packages are developed by different individuals and entities, each has it's own setup, installation procedures and documentation.

For developers to make use of these excellent tools and applications it requires them to spend substantial time and effort to setup, install, test and evaluate these softwares. OpenEnterpriseX (http://www.openenterprisex.org) is a distribution that ease this entire setup process. It aims to install and configure all the software packages to help developers easily make use of the software packages within the shortest time possible. Once the packages are instaled, OpenEnterpriseX comes with many different integration examples to demonstrate how to make use of the different packages to achive synergy. OpenEnterpriseX will also provide an integration console which allows developers to configure all the different software packages via wizards and user interfaces. This leads to greater ease of use, much reduced development time and a single uniform solution to developers. All files developed are released in GPL. The software packages that OpenEnterpriseX contains are OSI compliant.



This software (http://www.OpenEnterpriseX.org) aggregates different open source packages and tightly integrates them into a single uniform solution for the development of Java/J2EE programs. It consist of several leading open source packages that are linked with the following three components.

1. Installer
Main Development Language : NSIS script
Website for the NSIS compiling tool :

The installer eases the setup and installation of the different open source packages. Upon installation of the open source packages, the installer will setup the configuration files for the different open source packages to integrate them.

Below is a list of integration points performed by the installer
-Apache HTTP Server routing request to Tomcat Container via Tomcat Connectors
-Tomcat/JBoss integration with the MySQL database via the MySQL Java connectors
-Eclipse with the JBoss IDE component and the JBoss Container
-Eclipse with Sysdeo and Tomcat (Not yet completed)
-xpetstore with Apache HTTP Server, JBoss/tomcat, Struts, Sitemesh and MySQL
(Developer will be able to start xpetstore in a single click without any configuration upon installing of OpenEnterpriseX.)
-JMeter. Configured to stress test xpetstore (Not yet completed)
-And many other subtle configurations to ease the inter-deployment of the open source packages for developers

2. Integration Layer
Main Development Lanaguage : Java

A collection of sample programs to illustrate the integration of the different open source packages. These samples come with complete documentation that describe their functionalities in detail. These programs serve as useful teaching materials and examples for beginners.
Example programs
-JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) with MySQL via MySQL JDBC drivers
-Web application with Struts and Tomcat
-Web application with Struts/SiteMesh and Tomcat
-EJB application(Session Beans and Entity Beans) with JBoss and MySQL
-Full J2EE application with Tomcat/JBoss
-Log4J application
+How Log4J can be used in Tomcat
+How to use Log4J in JBoss
-JUnit Test Case in Eclipse
-Usage of JMeter with a Web Application in Tomcat
-Web Services with Axis and Tomcat
These example programs will be further evolved into a set of best practices/frameworks in the future.
This allow developers to work with the different open source packages as a whole quickly and easily.

3. Integration Console
Main Development Lanaguage : Java

A Java program that can be plugged into the Eclipse IDE and ease the configuration/setup of all the open source packages after installation. This console will provide capabilities to edit the different XML configuration/properties files easily and quickly. It will also include wizards to help developers setup configurations for different scenarios.
For example, a developer may just want to use Apache HTTP Server with Tomcat and the Struts framework. The wizard will then configure the necessary setup (eg setting up of directories, configuring the XML files) to give developers a starting point immediately.